In Memory of Patricia Bragg

We are deeply saddened to share the news that Patricia Bragg has passed away peacefully at age 94 at home in Goleta, California. 


Patricia was a true visionary. She positively impacted and transformed the lives of millions through her work in health and wellness education, and nearly five decades as our company’s CEO. Her legacy lives on in our mission to help everyone live more vibrantly every day. Our hearts go out to all of her loved ones: family, friends and our employees who have known her and have been inspired by her over the years. Patricia was a treasured mentor to our company and a dear friend to many of us here at Bragg.


A spirited health food pioneer, became part of the Bragg family in 1952 through her marriage to the son of Paul C. Bragg, the founding father and original namesake behind Bragg Live Food Products. The enduring business partnership between Patricia and Paul led to a decades-long career as an enthusiastic environmentalist and groundbreaking woman in wellness. 


Guided by her passion for health advocacy, holistic wellbeing and nutrition education for all ages, Patricia and Paul co-hosted live lectures and radio broadcasts, appeared on their own “Health and Happiness” television show, and co-authored books promoting health-conscious lifestyle choices. A self-proclaimed ‘health crusader’, the bold and bubbly Patricia shared wisdom through written and spoken words: encouraging people of all walks of life to fortify their bodies and minds through intermittent fasting, breathwork and recipes centered around heart-healthy and vegetarian dishes. 


While she always called California her home, Patricia was a well-versed traveler whose work took her to vibrant coastal communities such as the islands of Hawaii and Australia. She spent months abroad, sharing her forward-thinking, eco-friendly approach to holistic health with the local communities. An ever-enthusiastic businesswoman who helped build the budding family business in collaboration with Paul, Patricia established Bragg as a leading brand and natural consumer packaged goods business. 


Patricia took the reins of Bragg Live Foods in the 1970s, serving as our company’s Chief Executive Officer until her retirement in 2019, just before her 90th birthday.  During her tenure, she  diversified our product line and introduced numerous best-sellers that remain flagship products today, including Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey, Nutritional Yeast seasoning and Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks. A woman with an effervescent attitude and colorful wardrobe to match, Patricia could always be found attracting lines of autograph seekers at the annual Natural Products Expo or dancing down the streets of Santa Barbara in the annual Earth Day parade in a pink cowboy hat adorned with multicolored flowers.


Ever-committed to the environment and leaving the world a better place for all, she was an avid benefactor of her Santa Barbara community, where she supported local food pantries, animal shelters and wildlife preservation efforts, in addition to naturopathic and nutrition educational efforts. Even in her final years, Patricia always found a way to promote radiant health and timeless beauty, putting a positive spin on aging as she often exclaimed, Age is a number, and mine is unlisted!


Linda Boardman, Bragg Live Foods’ Chief Executive Officer since 2019, will continue to guide the company and uphold Patricia’s legacy. “As we honor Patricia’s lifework in spreading wellness wisdom and helping individuals live their happiest and healthiest lives, we're extremely grateful for the strong foundation she built through determination and persistence,” says Linda. “We will continue in her mission to help people nourish their bodies with the same sense of passion and commitment to quality that she so admirably embodied.”


Patricia's legacy will endure, along with her smiling portrait-complete with her signature cowboy hat- that graces our labels.  She will be greatly missed. 

In Memory of Patricia Bragg

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