We’re here to help you live more vibrantly, every day for the rest of your life.
Every Bragg product reflects our commitment to supporting healthier thinking, decisions, attitudes and lifestyles.
Gluten free Non-GMO dairy free

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free,


Certified organic plant based

Plant-Based, Certified


Zero colors additives

Made with Zero Chemical

Additives or Artificial


Once Upon a Time…

Our founder Paul Bragg spent his life advocating for healthy living. Founding the early health food stores in America to innovating organic products, he introduced the idea of wellness to the world.

Carrying on his legacy for the past 65 years, Patricia Bragg has grown our specialities and preserved the high standards of Bragg. And now, Patricia has invited longtime friend and Bragg lover Katy Perry along with a few other partners to take us into Bragg’s next chapter and deliver simple health for generations to come.

“I will blend my body with nature and the world about me, making it strong and fit for its proper place in the world.”

Paul C. Bragg