Responsible business is in our DNA.


Our History of Purposeful Practices

Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to intentional ways of wellness and nourishment

  • Healthier, happier lives begin with what we put into our bodies
  • Wellbeing should be simple and accessible to all
  • Organic, plant-based, real foods are the cornerstone of wellness
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Our Vision of Vibrant Living for All

We’re passionate about continuing to impact people and the planet

  • Education of healthy habits in our communities
  • Empowering our local and regional organic agricultural ecosystems
  • Supporting important causes of Bragg employees and communities
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What Makes Us Certified?

Our Impact Areas:


Promoting a diverse workplace environment, women represent 60% of management levels at Bragg and 36% of employees identify as a person of color.


Committed to natural product offerings, all Bragg products are made with non-GMO ingredients and 85% contain only USDA certified organic ingredients.


Bragg incorporates sustainability goals and consideration of all stakeholders (employees, customers, communities, suppliers and the environment) in its governing documents.


In support of giving back to our local communities, Bragg provides all employees one full paid day of “Volunteer Time Off.” Bragg also recently established a Corporate Donation Match program, soliciting employee participation in charitable donations and matching those donations to 501c3 organizations.


To uphold the highest levels of product quality for our customers, Bragg tests every batch of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for product safety, superior Bragg product specifications, and effective acidity.

From Our CEO, Linda Boardman

“B Corp Certification was an opportunity for Bragg to codify an important pillar of the company’s ethos: responsible business.”

Bragg Employees to Set the Standard

“Bragg In Action” is a committee led by Bragg employees committed to furthering education around healthy habits, empowering the organic agriculture ecosystem and actively supporting important community causes.

This is one way Bragg is furthering its continuous improvement pledge.

Our Team

Our Continued Commitment

B Corp Certification is more than just an acknowledgment of our current ESG practices
but a pledge to further our commitment with continuous improvement of these initiatives into the future.

Product Life Cycle Analyses:

Furthering our understanding of Bragg’s environmental footprint, from ingredients to packaging.



Expanding our efforts in giving back to the community, aligned with Bragg core values.


Employee Wellness:

Broadening work/life balance benefits to promote holistic physical and mental wellness for employees and their families.

Want to learn more about our
B Corp Certification?

Our B Impact Assessment