Spreading the Health

It all started when our founder, Paul Bragg, learned about the benefits of apple cider vinegar from his father. As a young boy growing up on a farm, he witnessed firsthand the importance of what our body consumes. And from there, it consumed him.


Fast forward over a century later and Bragg Live Food Products is more than just another health food company. It’s a movement. A crusade. To spread Paul’s message far and wide. But let’s take it back to the beginning.


Long Story Short


At just 16 years old, Paul was infected with tuberculosis. After two years of sunshine, exercise, and a diet of natural food, he overcame TB and made a promise. That he would devote his life to helping others take care of their health.


All-Consuming Passion


After studying and getting his Ph.D. in nutrition, he moved to California and opened up a clinic and the first health food store in America. From there, he traveled across the country, giving lectures on the importance of health and nutrition. His passion to promote “live foods” because they made “live people” instantly took off. A boom happened across the country.


This former two-time Olympian trained top athlete went on to study food chemistry which led to his formulations of innovative food and supplements. From vitamins and minerals to raw nuts and sundried foods, Bragg created 365 health products so you essentially had one for each day of the year.


Family Values


Paul’s adopted daughter Patricia began helping in the family business in the late 1950s. Starting in the health store and then, joining the Bragg Health Crusade with her father in the 1960s. Traveling around the world, spreading the message of health, Patrica was a natural. She then went on to become CEO and President of the company in the 1970s.


Mission: Possible


Patricia’s vibrant energy and enthusiasm helped propel the company forward while keeping her father’s original mission alive. People craved healthy living more than ever and Bragg delivered. Apple Cider Vinegar boomed thanks to celebrity endorsements and simple word of mouth. It all felt, dare we say it, organic.


Inspiring and nourishing healthy living continues to be our driving force. Every Bragg product created over these past 110 years reflects our commitment to supporting healthier thinking, decisions, attitudes, and lifestyles.


Cheers to living more vibrantly, every day.

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