Energy, Hold the Caffeine

Life can sometimes feel like it’s all just go, go, go. You constantly find yourself waking up feeling sluggish or flat after that big lunch. You need a boost. Badly. So you reach for that cup (or two or three) of coffee. What’s not to love about a burst of energy to check things off your to-do list? Well, that burst eventually pops and leaves you back to feeling tired all over again before the day has even ended.


What if instead of a burst of energy, you could get a steady flow of it to last throughout your day? Sign us up. Here’s a crash course on how to avoid that caffeine crash. Spoiler: it involves a li’l capsule of ours.


Perk alert


Let’s face it. Stimulants like coffee and caffeine don’t go the distance. They are a short term energy fix. So the next time you’re feeling tired, look no further than our ACV True Energy Capsules.


Made with our Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, plus six essential B vitamins, each capsule delivers a steady flow of energy at the cellular level. Unlike your daily cup of coffee, this potent formulation helps deliver fuel to your cells, powering them to be more efficient so you feel stronger and ready for anything the day throws your way.


With each dose, you’ll get 750mg of acetic acid and six B vitamins. These powerhouses maintain your energy in two ways:


  1. Acetic acid helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels which may minimize blood sugar crashes and energy slumps.
  2. The six different B vitamins are essential nutrients for energy metabolism to effectively convert the food you consume into cellular energy.


    The buzz on B vitamins


    You may have heard that Vitamin B gets an A+ in the energy maintenance department, but did you know there are different types of B vitamins, each with a slightly different function? Let’s get to know the energetic six B vitamins that are in our True Energy Capsules:


    • B-12 (aka Cobalamin): The mighty B-12 is essential for your body’s energy production and helps convert food into cellular energy. It’s also a key vitamin for the development and function of nerve and brain cells.


    • B-7 (aka Biotin): Your hair, skin, and nails will love this B vitamin and all the healthy support it can give them. Not to mention, it plays a critical role in cellular energy production by being a helper nutrient (or a cofactor, if you want to sound fancy) for fat, protein, and carb metabolism.


    • B-1 (aka Thiamin): When you’re oh-so hangry, B-1 is usually pretty low and is the main vitamin needed to get that energy metabolism back up and running. It also helps break down carbs and alcohol.


    • B-3 (aka Niacin): A vitamin that helps over 400 (gasp!) enzymes involved in cellular reactions such as energy production AND helps with DNA repair. More of this, please


    • B-5 (aka Panthothenic): Involved behind the scenes in the metabolism of carbs and fats, helping to produce and store energy in the body.


    • B-2 (aka Riboflavin): Converts other B vitamins into the active form that the body can actually use. It also helps support a healthy nervous system and breaks down dietary proteins and fats to produce energy.


    There you have it. Consuming a little capsule leaves you with so many perks to surely perk you right up for the long haul. Caffeine, you’ve officially been replaced.

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