Carb Consumption & Apple Cider Vinegar

Food is fuel. But sometimes, what we eat can make us feel like our gas tank is running on empty. Did someone say carb coma?


Carbs have a bit of a reputation. Whether you love or hate them, they are hard to avoid on a daily basis. Not to mention, they are mighty delicious. If you find yourself overindulging in that bread basket, your best bet is a pre-meal shot of our Apple Cider Vinegar (1 TBSP ACV with 8 ounces of water). Why? Let’s consume some science and get to the bottom of it.



After a carb-heavy meal, that starch is converted into good ol’ glucose. A lot of the time, that sugar rush pumps its way through your body and gives you a burst of energy to tackle that never-ending to-do list with no problem. Win-win.


Other times, that large dose of glucose in your body can result in a condition that nobody wants: a sugar slump. The name says it all. You’re left feeling sluggish and sleepy just like your turkey consumption during your Thanksgiving celebration instead of active and alert.


If you are pre-diabetic, this can push you into full-blown diabetes as your pancreatic cells become overworked. And if this happens regularly, your red blood cells, skin collagen, and elastin fibers may suffer, leaving you open to major cardiovascular disease risk factors. Your skin collagen and elastin fibers may stop working, which would result in premature aging and wrinkles.



The good news is our good stuff (aka 750 mg of acetic acid) can help fight the dreaded sugar slump. The clinically proven amount of acetic acid found in our Apple Cider Vinegar can stop you from a possible sugar snoozefest before you even finish your meal.


How? Disaccharidase is an enzyme that plays a big role in the last step of carb consumption and letting glucose run free throughout your body. When you take a pre-meal shot of our Apple Cider Vinegar (1 TBSP ACV with 8 ounces of water), the 750 mg of acetic acid slows this enzyme down and in turn, reduces the sugar available in your intestine. Less sugar means less chance of sugar slump happening.


Plus, the acetic acid helps get that blood pumping into skeletal muscles and helps the right amount of sugar enter your cells for that coveted boost of energy.


So, instead of just accepting the post-meal slump from your starch nemesis, make sure to reach for your Apple Cider Vinegar first.

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