Your daily dose: in a wellness shot

Looking for your daily dose of wellness made simple?  Try our prebiotic shots for a palm-sized pick-me-up to simplify your everyday routine.  Available in four flavors, take these shots in the morning before you start your day or to help with digestion when you need a quick refresh.  Though mini, this new take on your daily dose has a major impact.  Indulge in a 4-pack to experience the perfect way to make your gut health routine easier while experiencing new worlds of flavor. 

Crafted from organically grown apples, our shots are USDA certified organic, Non-GMO Verified, and Kosher certified.
Your daily dose: in a wellness shot

4 flavors, 4 unique benefits

  1. Carrot Ginger - Combine carrot juice with a punch of ginger for the ultimate immune booster
  2. Ginger Tumeric - The healthy kick of ginger plus turmeric is the perfect way to cleanse and rebalance
  3. Honey - With organic honey and a hint of mineral-packed sea salt, take this shot for a sweet pick-me-up                                         
  4. Pineapple Cayenne – This sweet and spicy blend is the perfect way to invigorate your body and mind

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